How Paradigm Trust is Supporting Teachers’ Primary Science Subject Knowledge

Reading for Learning

Teachers at Paradigm Trust have developed a knowledge rich EYFS-KS3 science curriculum which we have been running (and developing) for four years. It is a challenging curriculum which demands strong teacher subject knowledge. This post describes some of our strategies to support class teachers and TAs develop their science subject knowledge.

The Medium Term Plan and Resources

The medium term plan is designed to be supportive rather than a script for teachers. To help teachers prioritise, we’ve indicated the essential knowledge (which is likely to be assessed).

The MTPs include the following:

  • a list of relevant learning from previous years and an outline of where the topic is taken in subsequent years (including KS3);
  • learning intentions based on the Teach Like a Champion 4Ms (made first, most important, measurable and manageable);
  • lesson outcomes which lead on from the learning intention. These may be short pieces of writing, completion of a…

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