A Reflection on “The 10 Key Issues with Children’s Learning in Primary Science in England” (Bianchi, Whittaker and Poole: 2021)

Reading for Learning

This post is a reflection on the publication by Bianchi, Whittaker and Poole’s publication in March 2021 (here).

This publication has proven to be a powerful checklist for the curriculum we have developed at Paradigm Trust. Over the past four years at Paradigm, we have written our own EYFS-KS3 science curriculum, including resources and assessments. It is a spiral curriculum based on the National Curriculum, underpinned by our own values (here).

Central to our curriculum development is the motto: we teach the right things efficiently. We spend a lot of time discussing what we think ‘the right things‘ are and we work hard to make our teaching ‘efficient’. Ensuring that we don’t waste limited and precious classroom time is a preoccupation. It isn’t about speed. It often means slowing down to make sure our pupils really have understood what we want them…

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